Save more money by reducing your energy consumption.

Reducing utility bills is often the first step to save up on money. Whether you need to have enough savings or you just want to allocate your funds more effectively, finding effective solutions are priceless.

Solar energy can make a huge deduction on your electricity bill, even just on your first day of using it. Around 70% to 100% of electric usage can be offset by the photovoltaic power system. On average, Americans spend about $120 per month on electricity bills. Using solar energy, you’ll most likely be able to save $84 per month. In one year, it will accumulate to $1008 of savings.

When using solar to heat water and generate electricity, your home or business will be able to generate low electricity for the entire lifetime of your solar electricity system, which can take up to 30 years.

If the system generates excess electricity, business owners will be able to store that energy and send it back to the grid using net metering. If you’re interested, call us for more information.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce operating costs for your business, commercial solar projects are a good option. With the technological advances that have been made recently, solar energy has been able to compete with the typical energy sources. The main driver for the growth of solar energy would be the great combination of rising electricity costs and the dwindling costs of solar panels, making it a lucrative investment for businesses.

We have energy consultants that offer site evaluations. Everything will be assessed — your building layout, shading issues, and even site conditions are among them.  The renewable system that will be installed will be carefully designed to ensure its energy output is efficient.

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