At Jumping Cable Solar Homes, we provide you with residential, commercial, and industrial renewable energy solutions. We are a team of dedicated professionals devoted to sustainability through renewable energy.

System Designing and Integrating Services

To find the systems that you need without going over budget, we work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best solution for their needs. Our design team is dedicated to providing you professional service. To ensure we are on top of the game, we continually educate and evaluate our team.

Installation Services

We partner with each of our clients so we can evaluate what they really need while keeping their budget in mind. We guide our clients through the process so they stay in the loop. After installations, we also offer maintenance and upgrading services.

Energy Strategy Development

Jumping Cable Solar Homes knows that renewable energy is the first step needed to have a good energy strategy. We work with municipal, commercial, and industrial clients very closely. We often collaborate to understand our client’s goals and needs in order to be able to support them with their energy objectives over a long period of time.

Strategic Financing Services

We actively participate with Alternative Energy Funding, LLC. They’re a renewable energy group that focuses on making financial opportunities for our clients in non-profit organizations as well as for our municipal clients.

They are also developing projects ranging from small to large scale in order to assist the regional utilities to be able to attain their Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards without a hitch.

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