How to Build a Solar Hot Water System  


How to Build a Solar Hot Water System is an easy to follow, step-by-step 89-page book with clarified theory and dozens of illustrations. It was written to deal with the energy crises, save money, and  save our little blue-green planet. Are  you tired of  watching valuable resources disappear? Are you are tired of paying high prices for something that should be our birthright? 

How to Build a Solar Hot Water System  will not only show you how to build solar collectors and heat storage vaults, but it will also explain how to install and run the entire solar heating system. I have included an outline and a modified first chapter for your consideration just click on the book cover to read about this cutting edge solar heating system. 



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Here is a brief description of each of the 12 chapters.

I.                Solar Hot Water Systems explores the basics of solar collector design theory, application and cost. Three fundamental collector systems are analyzed: The passive Breadbox collector, the active parallel flat plate collector, and the active serpentine flat plate collector. The possibilities of the serpentine system are investigated.

II.           Absorber Plate Construction details the materials and methods required to build a quality, cost effective absorber plate for a serpentine collector. A ten-step method with 10 illustrations is used to accomplish this.

III.      Collector Building Instructions details the materials and methods required to build a 4X8 serpentine collector. The fourteen steps needed to build the collector are well illustrated with over 18 illustrations. This chapter is absolutely essential if you intend to build a serpentine collector that will last a lifetime.

IV.      Collector Mounting provides the theory and mounting tips that will facilitate the installation of your solar collectors.

V.           Hot Water Storage discusses the thermodynamic theory necessary to understand how heat is exchanged. The practical application of a multi tank system is explained and heat exchange coil theory is discussed.

VI.      Heat Storage Vault Construction provides the materials and methods used to build a highly efficient heat storage vault. The heat storage vault is an essential part of any solar hot water system. You will be amazed at the low cost, high efficiency and ease of construction of this heat storage vault.

VII.  Heat Exchange Coils illustrates the theory and construction details needed to build an excellent heat exchange system.

VIII.        Circulation and Vault Plumbing covers the basics of solar water heating plumbing. The domestic water hook up and the heat exchange coil assemblies are well illustrated in a clear concise manner.

IX.      Collector Plumbing covers the rooftop and carrier pipe plumbing. A four-collector system is used to illustrate how the Union Tís are used to join the collectors with the main junction pressure relief valve and other plumbing.

X.           The Sensor System illustrates how this serpentine collector system can automatically maintains a maximum heat gain.

XI.      The Filling and Draining System illustrates how to fill and drain collector fluid from your system.

XII.  Other Solar Applications explores other applications of this solar water heating system such as space heating.





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