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The TREE HUGGER SPECIAL is a selection of my best works. This selection consists of my most popular book How to Build a Solar Hot Water System and my latest book  Solar Heating Projects. These two items alone have a value over $100.

I've also included  two CD-ROM show collections: Solar Thermal Energy and Oil Story not to mention Sun Heat. These shows load and play automatically on any standard PC computer with a windows platform and a CD driver. You can test out a few sample shows and also pick up a free screen saver by going to the multi media download page.





A major obstacle facing alternative energy industry today is cost. High technology  PV systems could take more than a generation to pay for themselves. Professionally installed solar hot water systems may have a shorter payback period, but not short enough for most people. If you’re a do it yourselfer with basic carpentry and plumbing skills you could build and install your own cold climate Solar Hot Water System that could pay for itself in less than 5 years.
How to Build a Solar Hot Water System explains the basics of heat transfer in plain language so you’ll be able design and build your own cost effective system.  My teaching experience as a  Solar Thermal Energy Workshops Instructor for the Solar Energy Center of Farmingdale University as well as my hands on construction experience has made this comprehensive book possible. 



How to Build a Solar hot Water System will guide you  through the process of:     

1.    Building a solar collector from ordinary, low cost construction materials.

2.    Building your own multi tank heat storage vault and save thousands of dollars.

3.    Calculating the heat energy available from sunlight.

4.    Calculating your hot water requirements.

5.    Building and installing your own custom solar hot water system.  





Solar Heating Projects  is a step by step guide with over 30 solar energy projects you can sink your teeth into. These projects include: Solar Concentrators, Hot Boxes, Window Boxes, Trombe Walls, Solar Greenhouses, Batch Heaters, Thermo Siphoning Systems, Solar Collector Construction, Collector Mounting, Five Heat Storage Systems, Collector Plumbing, Solar Thermal Roof Theory, Solar Thermal Roof Construction, Energy Independence, Solar Cell Theory, Cu/CuO solar cell construction and an advanced experimental solar thermal engine project. Most of these solar thermal energy projects can be built from commonly available, inexpensive construction materials. Click the front cover for more information. 






Solar Thermal Energy CD is an 8 part auto run multimedia show that runs off a  computer CD.

Just pop it into any personal computer with a windows platform. Watch and here the incredible world of Solar Thermal Energy unfold before your eyes. You may pause the show at any time to work out problems or just think about what has been said. 

These shows are about the past present and future of solar thermal energy. You may download a peak at part of the first of these 8 shows (Sunlight Energy) by clicking on the above graphic.



Oil Story is an eight part multimedia CD show about the past present and future of the oil industry. Topics explored by this show include the origins of oil, the history of first successful oil well, the growth of the oil industry, environmental damage done by the industry, peak oil production, the end of cheap oil, the future of a world without oil and some alternatives to the fossil fuel industry.

Be sure to pick up a free download clip from one of the eight Oil Story multimedia shows. Oil Song is a good sample from Oil Story. You can download Oil Song and other clips from the multi media download page.



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