Sunshine for $ale

How would you feel if a man with a smiling sun on a suitcase knocked on your door? I know I'd hide in the bathroom and hope they'd go away, but what if you're curious and have time to kill? Would you invite the smiley salesman and his smiley sun into your house? Probably not. We are continually bombarded with advertising on TV, and radio and newspapers and billboards and the internet, so I've decided to give you a brake this time and aim my advertising at the sun. 


The Early American Indians could never understand the concept of buying or selling land, yet real estate agents buy and sell the ground we walk on.  
Water was once free. 
Not anymore. How could anyone put a price tag on water? 
How about air? 
Who pays for clean air? We all do? In the future we'll each carry our own container of compressed air. We'll continue to spend our lives exchanging green pieces of paper in the hope of someday passing through the pearly gates and entering the Promised Land. Have you ever wondered what you'll do if you had everything you ever dreamed of?
I bet you'd go to Mickey Ds and get a QUARTER POUNDER  with tomato and bacon?? I thought so. Makes you hungry just thinking about it. Right?

Our lives revolve around advertising, working, and buying the products we make so that we can pay taxes for the privilege to be alive. We wander far from the roots and the path home becomes more difficult every day. We are creatures of habit mesmerized by the advertising industry and we no longer see the light before us, not because the sun is too bright but because it's not for sale. We need more solar energy in our diet.



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