Sun 4 Earth

Our Sun is for our Earth. The idea of Earth 4 Sun makes no sense. We depend on sunlight for warmth and food and oxygen and all the other things we take for granted. Indeed the very molecules that make up the matter of our planet were forged within the inferno of our sun. A certain amount of global warming is needed to keep warm but we are now exceeding the CO2 production limits. 



    Our Sun is the most prominent feature in our solar system. It is the largest object and contains approximately 99% of the total solar system mass. One hundred and nine Earths would be required to fit across the Sun's diameter, and its interior could hold over 1.3 million Earths. The Sun's outer visible layer is called the photosphere and has a temperature of 6,000�C (11,000�F). This layer has a mottled appearance due to the turbulent eruptions of energy at the surface. 
    Solar energy is created deep within the core of the Sun where the temperature is 27,000,000� F and pressure is 340 billion times Earth's air pressure at sea level. Under these conditions nuclear fusion takes place and hydrogen atoms are pressed together to form helium atoms. These Helium atoms, stripped of electrons, are called alpha particles and they weigh about 0.7 % less than the four protons that form them .The 0.3% mass difference is expelled as pure light and heat energy according to Einstein's  equation E=mc2.  OR Energy = mass x (velocity of light)2. Every second 700 million tons of hydrogen are converted into 695 million tons of Helium and 5 million tons of pure energy, mainly in the form of gamma radiation.
Our sun contains 99% of the mass of the solar system and is 330,000 times heaver than the Earth. Although we are 93,000,000 miles from the sun�s surface we still receive 1.4 K Watts of solar energy per square meter. This means that our planet with a incidence surface area 120,000,000,000,000 m2 receives 4 x 1015 K Watts of energy every day. Of course only about half this radiant energy makes it through the clouds and atmosphere, but at a value of $.10/ KWH this much energy has a value of $2 x 1014 or 200 trillion dollars. This much solar radiation  is more than the energy contained within our remaining oil reserves. Our mother Sun appears to have been active for 4.6 billion years and has enough fuel to go on for another four billion years . 

Do you think the human race will survive for another four billion years?
Do you think the human race will survive for another 100 years?
How about 10 years?

There are already signs that new, cost effective oil discoveries are becoming more rare. In 1950 the return on a $1 investment in oil drilling was $100. Today the return on a $1 fossil fuel investment is only $15� Off shore deep well drilling is not only dangerous and expensive, but it�s also hard on the environment. 
The trip on the oil train has been an easy, well-greased adventure, but the adventure is coming to an end as we arrive at world peak oil production and we are faced with new challenges that don�t depend of big government or big businesses. These challenges depend on our ability to live in harmony with nature rather than destroying it. We need to take responsibility for the world we create and make better use of the limited resources available. Resource information can help you get started on the road towards energy independence but only you can take the steps needed to make a better world for yourself and the people you love.

So what can we do?


We can start planning for a sustainable future...

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