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Help yourself to the Solar Resource Links and pick a strawberry on the way out for more information. Learn how to build batch heaters, parabolic concentrators, flat plate collectors and MTD solar collectors. Learn the value of radiant floor heating systems. Build solar heated workshops and start your own solar business. Contribute by submitting articles with illustration and links to: John Canivan


Philosophy & Comments

When the Lights go Out
Live Earth and Renewable Energy

Oil Story

Urgent Energy Message

Solar Age

Solar Politics

Our Sun and Our Future


Who is John Canivan?


Solar Basics

Five Solar Thermal Principles
Photovoltaic Electricity Animation

Solar Energy Projects

Trickle Down Solar Heating

Solar Heating Projects

Heating Systems

Sun Heat Workshop

Hot Box Experiment
  Solar Thermal Engine 
How to Solar Heat




Greenhouse Effect

Attached Solar Greenhouse 
Global Warming


Plant Bed

Greenhouse Inferno

Trombe Wall

Plant Bed Heating


Solar Collectors

Batch Heaters
Parabolic Collectors

Serpentine Solar Collectors

Trickle Down Solar Collectors

Solar Heating in January

Sustainable Solar Heated Workshop

DIY Solar Heating Panels

Collector Efficiency

Solar Heated Roof

Solar Housing

Energy Independent Housing

Solar Energy Alternative

Gallery of Solar Homes

Hexagonal Solar Home Animation

Modified Trombe Wall

Passive Solar House Plans

Trickle Down Solar Heating

Solar Energy Center for Long Island, NY

MTD Solar House
Sustainable Solar Heated Workshop

Alternative Housing for the 21st Century

Sustainable Living Homesteads





Multi Drum Heat Storage Vault

Heat Storage Vaults

Multi Tank Heat Storage

Sustainable Solar Heated Workshop

Heat Transfer

Solar Radiant Floor Heating

Heat Gain and Heat Loss

Low Cost Heat Storage Drums    




Controller introduction
Basic Differential Controller Kit
AC DC Differential Controller

PV  Differential Controller

Enclosed Differential Controller

Bar Graph Controller

Solar Controller
AC Only Differential Controller



Best Books

Tree Hugger Special

Solar Hot Water


Web Show

Slide Shows


Solar Hot Water

Energy Independent Housing





Solar Job Opportunities

Green Collar Work

A Solar Workshop that Makes Money

Solar Heating Club

Solar Job News 




Living on Solar  A website with information and videos showing how someone is using solar technology and living on solar

Energy Business Review  Description: Energy Business Review provides a full picture of the current industry and country trends in the energy sector. Details about company data, supplier´┐Żs directory, free white papers, and news on every verticals of energy sector are presented.

Green Living Journal A Great source of information about living in harmony with nature.

Home 0wner  guide to energy efficient appliances.