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Solar Politics is a movement towards a more enlightened social order. Our thoughts are largely regulated by TV programs, commercials, movies, newspapers, books and other forms of media that have a profound effect on the perception of reality, but media alone is not enough. The search for truth is an ongoing individual process. Faith in eternal life after death as a motivating force to behave in a prescribed manor may provide comfort and meaning for some, but to others the truth may not be so evident. These truth seeking trouble makers  find joy in the discovery process. Can you imagine that? They have an irrepressible need to understand and feel connected to the Universe, trace their origins, understand  history and have an influence on their future. These trouble makers have lost faith in theologians, economists, and self serving politicians.


A major objective of Solar Politics is to create a social order in which the participants of that order feel the benefits of their contributions. This feeling of social responsibility is rare in large communities. Have you ever noticed the difference between small town and large town automobile drivers. There are of course a number of variables but generally speaking I have observed that people in small towns are more courteous than the impatient, rude drivers in the big towns. 
Why would this be true? Could it be that big town people are under more stress to produce? Perhaps..., but I believe there are more important reasons at play. Small towns people have a tendency to get involved with each other's business directly or indirectly. If you've lived in a small town you'll know what I mean. Everyone knows you in a small town. Small towns people learn to depend on each other because services are limited and jobs are scarce. There's plenty of motivation to form a beneficial coalitions in small towns. Cooperation is essential.  Big business thrives on competition, the cement that holds big business together is cooperation.

Oil companies could not survive without the cooperative efforts of  specialist needed to find, extract, refine, defend and deliver oil.  I have no argument with the value of oil or the people who produce it.  Oil producers  are only doing their job in an unrestrained capitalist society. My discontent is focused on government officials who accept bribes and political contributions from oil producers who violate the clean air and clean water acts. Accountability in government is a major issue that effects everyone. Our government should also be taking measures to insure a sustainable economy by encouraging the development of energy alternatives. Oil production rates need to be regulated. 


Corruption in government is a major concern of Solar Politics, but providing the public with unbiased facts is equally important. A country divided on issues (as election results indicate) demonstrates that citizens don't have all the facts. An informed jury of 12 is capable of reaching a unanimous decision so an informed public should also be able to find truth with more than a 50/50 vote of confidence if evidence is presented in a fair and accurate manner.  What would your reaction be to a 100% Oil Tax hike? 


At first you may seem outraged. You might say that such a tax is downright un-American. It violates the laws of capitalism and free enterprise. RIGHT? Yet a brave stand on an oil tax is what we need to create new jobs and develop  alternative, renewable, energy resources. To make a smooth transition from our energy dependent oil based economy into an energy independent "solar age" we'll need more than sunshine. We'll need an informed public and an honest government concerned about a sustainable future.



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