Modified Trombe Wall



A true Trombe Wall would use the thermal mass of the interior wall to modify temperature swing. But an insulated wall between the glazing surface and the interior of the building makes more sense, because the heat gained is conserved. It's isolated from the glazing surface. This simple passive system uses plastic flaps to regulate heat flow. You'll could use 18 tiny muffin fans to make the heat transfer process more efficient if you use 4x8 Trombe wall sections on a 72 foot long wall.

Thermal mass should be placed on the interior of the building to modify temperature swings, but you still expect large temp. fluctuations.

If you live in a cold climate with a constant outside temp of 20F and 4 hr of bright sunlight every day you might expect an interior temp swing between 40 F and 80 F. This is an oversimplified estimate and depends on how the building is insulated and the kind and amount of thermal mass but it's a good guesstimate.

The glazing could be glass, but I prefer Kalwall or Suntuf or Twin Wall for a workshop. Be sure to pack the ceilings and walls with insulation and don't forget about insulating the exterior of the foundation otherwise your solar heating efforts will be in vain.



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