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  Greenstar delivers solar power, health, education and environmental programs to small villages in the developing world and connects people in those villages, and their traditional culture, to the global community.

American Solar Technicians has been manufacturing heat storage tanks and heat exchangers for over 30 years. Initially started as a solar company in the 1970's, we've since expanded to manufacturing heat storage systems for various heating systems. A new Apollo plan will stimulate the economy and create conditions for sustained long term growth investing in energy independence to revitalize domestic production and benefit working families.  Radiantec  is dedicated to the advancement of environmentally friendly, energy producing technology. You'll find that our prices are the lowest possible. Our heating systems use under the floor radiant heat. This is the most comfortable and efficient way to use the sun's energy.   Onset manufactures small, battery-powered HOBO� data loggers, weather stations, and Tattletale� logger/controllers for use in indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Innovative product design and high-volume, in-house manufacturing assure affordable, accurate, and reliable data logger performance.

 Solar Bus   The Solar Bus is an educational project, designed to promote awareness about solar energy, alternative fuels like biodiesel and other related issues.The Solar Bus can be seen at many events like music festivals, energy festivals, and conferences in the North East. The Solar Bus also can go to schools to demonstrate solar energy to students.

 WorldWatts Gonzo Gizmos by Simon Quellen Field has written a beautifully illustrated book , Gonzo Gizmos,  with lots of fun solar projects.  Visit his website. I'm sure he'd love to meet you. Whether your interests are do-it-yourself solar power, turnkey installed systems, wind power, micro hydro power, battery backup, backup generators, solar energy science, solar heating and cooling, or solar cooking I'm sure he'll have something for you.

  Solar Water Heaters - Simple, durable, reliable. Experience True Quality Solar water heating systems by Alternate Energy Technologies. Solar systems available worldwide for all building types.

Green Trust Come here to discuss and learn about Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro, & Biofuels), Permaculture, Conservation, Recycling, Organic Gardening, Rain Water Harvesting and Grey Water Recovery, and other methods of living cleanly, efficiently, and leaving lighter footprints on our earth.

A to Z Boilers A to Z Boilers put together the best boiler resource site on the Internet. If you are searching for commercial heating systems this is a good place to start.

Everything Greenhouses, from Aluminum Greenhouse to Winter Greenhouse.
If you can't find what you're looking for here it probably does not exist.

Green Trust Sustainable and Renewable Energy  is about just that. Lots of information about PV kits, Biodesil kits,generator kits, fuel cell kits and more.

a  A family based cottage industry that was created in 1998 when it jumped off the corporate treadmill with both feet to pursue our true passions of herbs, massage therapy and aromatherapy. They are remotely located off the power grid in the mysterious San Luis Valley of southern Colorado which is a about an hour north of Taos, NM.  Are you good with your hands and looking for an easy-to-follow project to put together this weekend? Then you're in the right place! We have plenty to keep you busy.

Build it Solar   You must see this one. Plans, tools, and information to help you build solar projects that save money and reduce pollution

Fossil Freedom Lets get serious about energy independence and build a solar powered bio-diesel factory with Patrick Ward. You must see this website. Why just save money on your solar heating bill when you can make money with a solar powered factory? It's time to take the oil companies by the horns and show them what energy competition is all about. 

Concrete Repairs Contech UK are industry leaders in concrete repair of all types from hand repairs, sprayed concrete repairs and all other methods.

Solar Heating Systems for North Carolina are not just a conscientious purchases for the environment. They also has the benefits of  decreasing  hot water energy bills while increasing the value of your home.

Swimming pool chemicals -Pools R Us based in South Wales specialize in Swimming Pool Equipment, Pumps, Chemicals & Covers.

Solar Panels  Wellbeinggreen is a solar panel system supplier based in Sydney, Australia, we have all kinds of solar power system, hot water systems, solar panels and wind turbines for your homes. 
Solar PV System Wellbeinggreen provides Solar Panel, solar PV systems, online ups, solar tubewell, solar geysers, solar billboards, solar street light, inverters and power backup system first time in Pakistan. All products are efficient and easily affordable.
Solar Hot Water systems GreenBiz brings high performance and energy efficient solar appliances, That contains solar hot water systems, solar charger, solar panel and other solar energy equipments.
Solar panel Save 80% cost of your electricity bills by using Solar Panels In Australia. Solarflux are providing Solar Power Systems including Solar PV Panels, Solar Hot Water System, Solar Panels With Inverters, Cheapest Solar Panels, Australian Solar Power, Solar Energy System and other Solar Panel systems.

Green Care

Transformer for IEC 60601-2-2 - Amp-Line Corp. is dedicated to design and manufacture the linear wideband power amplifiers and power source. Our power amplifier products cover the whole audio frequency range and extend into the radio frequency (RF) ranges..

ADA compliant pool lifts
Global Lift Corp manufactures two different types of ADA compliant pool lifts.

interior design degrees- Interior Design degrees at Southampton Solent University aim to produce graduates capable of setting new trends not simply following existing ones.

Solar Radiation website provides solar radiation and solar energy facts.

Solar Free Estimates  A solar electric system generates electricity for your home. Get a free estimates for a PV installation.

Solar-water-well-pump  Sunshine Works solar well pump kit can be installed with simple hand tools.

Solar Water Heating Solar Fusion Ltd are pioneers in solar energy and solar heating installations. As accredited solar installers we provide solar water heating solutions across the UK.

Solar Panels   Leading supplier of solar panels and heat pumps in the UK. Fully MCS accredited installer and Energy Management Installer of the Year at the 2011 Renewables Awards

Home Growing Kit  An Urban Food Farm is a highly efficient outdoors hydroponic vegetable growing system that offers an effective way to grow organic vegetables in a small area with minimum effort and no cost.

Energy Audit   Star Energy Audits provides the most thorough, all-encompassing diagnostic home energy audits in the greater New Orleans area.

solartribune.  Comprehensive easy to digest resources on solar photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, and the basics of solar energy.

Real home plans. Find unique variety of professionally designed home plans and floor plans.

Iinterec INC.  is a wholesale distributor of solar systems and provides solutions for on- and off-grid applications.

Property and Building Inspection in Melbourne is the most important inspection for your house & home. So order your property inspections 

Intelligent Energy Solutions. Award winning solar panels company in the UK supplying and installing photovoltaic solar panel systems.

Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletter  Lots of well written articles about self sufficient energy.

Build your own solar water Heater... installing solar panels on top of your home isn�t the only way to effectively harness the sun�s rays for your energy needs. You can build solar water heaters and use many other products which use the sun�s rays for energy. They are available for purchase or can be built. is one of the leading Green Energy sites for the Green Energy sector and we've had a lot of people tell us they've found it incredibly useful in making educated decisions about their future.


Patio Misters - Cool-Off is a premium supplier of misting systems , misting fans , and a variety of other innovative products designed to provide cooling relief in hot weather.

Consumer affair guide to solar dealers  Find out what solar system would be best for you

Mike Davis mad scientist inventions with solar applications must see.