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     Solar energy is our birthright like the air we breathe or the water we drink. Solar Home Plans and  cost effective   Solar Hot Water Projects  are the gateway into a "Solar Age"  of energy independence. Fossil fuels are no longer necessary to keep the wheels of civilization turning. Build your own solar heating system.  Explore the Strawberry Fields Book Store. Alternative energies like solar energy will increase in value as fossil fuel prices escalate making energy efficient,  solar houses more valuable. Solar collectors, solar hot water systems, heat storage vaults, photovoltaic electricity, solar panels, and solar greenhouses will soon become the standard rather than the exception to the standard in the near future According to Buckminster Fuller "We have wondered too far from the roots." An energy crisis can only be avoided only if we learn to rely on a diffuse, sustainable resource like the sun.  Become part of the green economy and travel on the  Green Train and learn about Solar Rebate Incentives  and


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Do-it-yourself solar thermal projects can make us more energy independent. The greenhouse effect is a miracle of nature that makes trapping heat possible.  Without  this method of trapping heat  our tiny planet would be a frozen waste land like the Moon.  A conscious effort to make better use of this miracle of nature can free us from dependence on non renewable resources and allow us to at last live in a sustainable economy unfettered by the restraints of big business and big government. The greenhouse effect is something that all domestic solar thermal systems have in common....


PV panels convert light into electricity

Solar collectors use the greenhouse effect  to capture the sun's energy. Both solar collectors and solar greenhouses are able to harvest the suns energy in the form of heat. Two of these serpentine collectors cover a surface area 60 square feet.
The glazing is more durable than glass and much lighter.
See what people are saying about my Do it yourself book: "How to Build a Solar Hot Water System" 

Solar Panels  are very much different than solar collectors. They use selective wavelengths of light to produce electricity and they work best in  direct sunlight at a low temperature.  Large PV systems are still quite costly. They use inverters to convert DC panel power to compatible AC power. This AC power is often interfaced with the grid so that solar energy may be shared with others. 

Solar Charge Controllers are used maintain an adequate charge on batteries. 
Solar Heat Controllers are used to collect, store and distribute solar heat.
Solar Collector Science Fair Project  gives step by step construction details of the serpentine collector.

The initial cost of a photovoltaic application will never be as low as the cost of DIY solar heating projects that harvest the equivalent quantities of energy... HOWEVER The cost of PV systems has come way down in the last 5 years. With the advent of thin film technology it appears the price of PV will continue to plummet in the coming years, but the question is can we afford to wait much. Heat and power are different animals and we need them both..

  responds to the difference in temperature between collector and storage and turns an AC or DC pump on and off to maximize the heat harvest from a solar hot water or solar heating system.  Temperature monitors are used to display the actual temperatures inside the collector and inside the heat storage tank, but the controller will function without them.  

This AC/DC controller consumes less than 1 watt of power per hour yet it is capable of regulating 300 Watt pumps.  It's a rugged, dependable, analog controller that may be mounted on a wall. The temperature probes and power connections are attached to the terminals on the bottom of the controller to facilitate wiring.

Universal Differential Controller


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Join the Solar Thermal Energy Group and discover the kind of solar home that's right for your taste. Become part of part of the new age of energy independence and take a stand against global warming and big business. 

This house is  based on a Harry E Thompson's Trickle Down solar thermal roof system but it's been modified to for easy installation on top of an existing roof.
I call this new concept Modified Trickle Down solar heating or MTD
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