Green Collar Work


    According to Van Jones, green collar jobs in a green collar economy could set us free. Making better use of the sun's energy and respecting the limited resources available could restore our confidence in humanity.. We cann't drill and burn our way out of this energy crisis but we can create green jobs and give these jobs to the people who need them most. Poverty, greed and fear are the primary ingrediance of crime and war. We need to replace these negative conditions with prosperity, altruism and hope.
    We need a workforce to build solar panels and we need trained  professionals to install them. A five year apprenticeship to become a licensed plumber or licensed electrician is too long. We�re not training brain surgeons. There has to be a simple training program to increase the supply of skilled technicians.  We need to engage and unleash the genius of all people, at all levels of society. Some of the minds that can solve our toughest problems are undoubtedly trapped behind prison bars of poverty or stuck behind desks without a window to the world outside. A green economy of skilled laborers and innovators will lead us out of the dark halls and into the light of day. A sustained yield economy is needed to create a sense of optimism and self worth..
    The government needs to be more involved with leadership that encourages all forms of  renewable energy research, alternative energy construction and solar panel installations.  Obsolete, building codes without provisions for alternative energy applications need to be reexamined. Engineers need to expand their awareness of new technologies.. Certification of energy saving applications should be simplified and become more accessible. Every county in every state should have their own certification center. A completive local economy based on small businesses and personalized networking should offer an alternative to big business monopolies that now control our economy. Green collar work will not only will bring out of this recession brought on by unregulated capitalism but it will also help us rediscover the value of cooperation.


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