Walk In Coolers

DIY Walk in Coolers may be built for less than $1000. They should be placed on a flat surface tilted towards the door so that condensed moisture has a place to drain.
The walls and floor and ceiling should be insulated with 4" of solid insulation. The The floor insulation should then be covered with plywood.

All holes and cracks should be filled with spray foam.

This covers the framing and the insulation But we still need a source of cold air.

An air conditioner placed high on one of the walls makes a great, inexpebsive source of cold air.

Unfortunately air conditioners are only designed to cool a room down to 60*F

To bring a room temperature below 60*F the air conditioner sensor must be tricked into believing that the room temperature is warmer than it realy is.
This is the job of the COOL CONTROLLER. It keeps the air conditioner on with a heater probe untill the cooling fins of the air conditioner approach 34*F or whatever temp the controller is set for above freezing. if the fins get too cold ice forms on the fins, no air circulates and the cooling stops.The CoolController or the COOLBOT may be used to bring room temp. below 65*F