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All the energy we have ever known had it's origin on the sun. Some of this energy was captured by tiny marine animals a hundred, million centuries ago, but it only took the human race one century to consume half the Earth's oil supply donated  by these tiny animals.. Fossil fuels are a convenient source of concentrated energy that got the wheels of civilization turning, but burning oil won't keep these wheels turning much longer.

Half our planet's oil reserves are gone and the second half is vanishing fast. Most geologist agree... "The well will soon be dry". Of course there will always be some oil, but will there be enough? The world population continues to rise and the appetite for oil continues to increase. Responsible world leadership is needed more today than ever before.  We have experimented with unrestrained capitalism under the guidance of Ronald Reagan and the experiment has failed. Trickle down economics does not work and the failure of greedy bank executives is proof  that bale outs do not solve old problems, they create new ones. If it's time for a businesses to go bankrupt we should step to one side and let it fall. There are other, more responsible, SMALL BUSINESSES waiting in line to meet the challenges of the brave new world.  Accountability in business and government is an essential ingredient for a sustainable economy. We need alternatives to mergers and acquisitions and corruption. We need a place in the universe we can call our own. We need to feel good about the ground beneath our feet as well as the stars above our heads.


John Canivan





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