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 This is a simple, cost effective, solar heated workshop designed for Do It Yourselfers and dedicated environmentalist. The workshop was designed to, not only save heat and hot water, but it was also designed to generate income. Sixteen 60 gallon drums of water are used store four tons solar heated water within an insulated chamber. PV panels may be added to make the workshop totally energy independent, but photovoltaic panels are not an essential part of this solar heated system.

Notice that the heat storage vault has been attached to the north side of the workshop so South facing windows are free to let in light. A 2" or 4" thick piece of solid insulation, protected with an outer hinged roof, covers the top of the storage vault. Inlet and outlet holes connect the shop walls to the heat storage vault chamber. If heat is needed inside the shop a thermostat regulated fan may be used to force cold shop air through storage vault chamber and back into the shop. A convection system with louvers may also be used to regulate heat flow, but heating the shop as well as making domestic hot water is only  part of the solar heated workshop application. Since the heat storage vault has a surface area of over 80 square feet it may also be used to dry fruits and vegetables directly because the chamber provides an ideal environment of uninterrupted hot, dry air. Did you know that dried apples chips are now selling for over $1/oz?  Dried strawberries are, as yet unavailable in most supermarkets, and these are just a few uses for solar heat.

Although the Solar Heated Workshop has been developed for farmers and homesteaders seeking energy independence and a sustainable source of income anyone with a south facing exposure can benefit from a well planned solar heated environment. Construction guidelines for gung ho carpenters willing to build their own sustainable workshop are available. Unfortunately my "Little House on Pine Hill", Walton, NY, is on the North slope of the hill otherwise I would be building instead of writing. As you know most workshops or houses are unsuitable for solar retrofits so if you are fortunate enough to have a suitable building site take advantage of your situation. The basic idea for this ridge roof solar heated workshop has been illustrated above, but the details of MTD collector construction are too difficult to make comprehensive in this small space. Soooo I have decided to offer... 
FREE set of 3D building plans as well as solar heated workshop construction tips  with the purchase of a MTD Solar Collector Kit, needed for this project. Your first MTD collector will be, at best, difficult without a kit and companion construction guide. BUT after some hands on experience you'll be ordering your own parts and assembling your own kits. 





REMEMBER..."The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" Lao-Tzu. Start your journey today on the road sustainability with a MTD Solar Collector Starter Kit.


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