Solar Stuff

Here is a cool contraption that may be used to recharge your cell phone. The suction cups adhere to the insede of a windshield In bright sun it only takes two hours to fully recharge the phone.

Solar Car You won't be able to drive this solar car, but you might be able to inspire a child with the idea of a vehicale that runs on sunlight.

Oil Alternative Articles Needed
Carry Barrel Solar Hot Water

Collector Efficiency

Energy Alternatives 

Green Collar Work

Solar Heating in December
Solar Heating in January
Multi Tank Heat Storage

DIY Solar Heating Panels
Sustainable Living Homesteads
Gallery of Solar Homes

Home Made Solar
Measuring Sunshine
PV Panel Mounting
Solar Rebates and Incentives

Solar Hot Air
Solar Heated Workshop Plans
Sustainable Solar Heated Workshop

Modified Trombe Wall

Solar Thermal Roof
Solar Heated Roof
How to Solar Heat

Solar Pumps

DIY Solar Heat Storage

Making Temperature Probes
Low Cost Solar Hardware
Solar Collector Flow Dynamics

MTD Affiliate Program
Sun 4 Earth

Sky Eye

DIY Solar Charge Controller

Solar Home Basics
Choosing_a_Differential Controller


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