Warren Buffett Goes Solar 

Warren Buffett plans to invest in PV solar energy and the Topaz Solar Power Development is on his shopping list. His investment company MidAmerican Energy Holdings announced plans to purchase the Topaz Solar Power Development from the thin-film PV module maker First Solar. The 550-megawatt Topaz project in San Luis Obispo County, Calif., is among the world's biggest solar farms under development. Construction on the project began in November and is expected to run through 2015. According to First Solar, it will create about 400 construction jobs and also reduce the cost of electrical power in the California area.

The $2 billion project includes First Solar's thin-film panels, and a contract with the Pacific_Gas_and_Electric_Company to buy the electricity produced under a 25-year agreement. MidAmerican expects the Topaz project to be a financial opportunity even without federal backing. SolarCity recently took a similar route when it announced that Bank of America would help with a $1 billion loan even though the DOE would not approve a loan guarantee. In other words Warren Buffett has demonstrated that solar energy is a commercially viable technology without the support of governmental loan guarantees. Warren supports the idea a higher tax for the wealthy 1%, but He is not optimistic about the progress that the "Occupy Wall Street Movement will have because the leaders of the movement are not focued on a tangible objective.




Bigger is better when it comes to PV solar applications in the same way that oranges are cheaper by the dozen. Of course we can't all afford to make a large investment in sunshine like Warren Buffet, but we can climb on board the "Green_Train" if we don't want to be stranded at the station. There are many ways to go_green, but the hardest part of going green is getting started on the sustainable_green_road .


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