MTD Solar Collector Kit

Most of the parts for the MTD collector are are available from building suppliers, but there are a few materials not in common supply or difficult to make so I've decided to supply them in the form of a MTD solar collector kit. If you've already purchased MTD Solar Heating you have a list of materials needed.

A small 2'x4' MTD solar collector kit will not solve the Energy_Crisis or even put a dent in your solar hot water bill but it will give you the hands on experience needed to build large, safe solar heating and solar hot water systems at a fraction of the cost of a conventional systems. If you feel squeamish about  putting a home made collector on your roof you could build an entire  16' x 40' MTD Solar_Heated_Workshop for less than $20,000 that moderates the temperature in  a 320 sq ft area all year long.

 Modified Trickle Down collectors can be built from commonly available construction materials for only $4/sq. ft.  The above illustration is for a 2'x8' collector but the same concept may be applied to a 2'x12' collector or a 4'x12' collector. Home Depot and other building suppliers have almost all the materials needed. MTD collectors are light, easy to build and easy to install and the modular design facilitates the addition of future collectors so you can start small and add more collectors as time and money permit. An MTD starter kit is  designed to facilitate the hands on experience needed to build solar heating systems from commonly available materials. The kit contains a collection of odd parts as well as a short construction guide. The first MTD collector will be a challenge to build without a kit, but even with a kit your first collector may take a day to assemble. HOWEVER once you master the concept and start building your own kits you'll be cranking out collectors in less than a half hour. The brief construction guide that comes with the kit will take you through the step by step construction process and even illustrate how the MTD collectors are mounted in an array.

A detailed MTD construction guide with installation and application instructions plus MTD videos is available for half the price of the MTD collector kit. This may be all you need to get you started on the road towards MTD energy independence, but remember the kit will be available if you need it. Getting started with energy alternatives is the most difficult step you may ever take. I have made every effort to make this first step as painless as possible.

Copper flow tubes and copper absorber plates are not part of the MTD systemsA Trickle Down Mat replaces conventional copper flow tubes and conventional copper absorber plates or aluminum absorber plates with a water dispersion system that may be assembled from the MTD kit. The Trickle Down Mat is the heart and soul of the MTD collector.

Heated water from the TDM  is transferred directly into heat storage containers without the need of: EXPENSIVE COPPER HEAT EXCHANGE COILS, ANTIFREEZE, EXPANSION TANKS, DEGASSERS, PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES. FILL AND PURGE SPIGOTS AND COPPER CARRIER PIPES. Since the trickle down pressure is low an inexpensive, flexible, easy to install heater hose, that has minimal heat loss  is used. This heater hose carries water from the coldest tank to the top of the MTD collectors.  Notice how a multi-drum system is used to stratify the heat collection process and increase collector efficiency. Energy from sunlight is a simple concept. Let's keep it that way. Remember the surface area used to harvest the sun's energy is a major factor in collecting energy. The manner of storing heat is another consideration.

There are a few unusual materials and assemblies that are part of the MTD kit but once you understand how they are put together you'll be building your own kits and you'll be using your roof for more than shedding  water. The kit contains polyester felt a set of Mylar films that have a melting point of 400*F, a Trickle Down Distributor, a TDD connector, Burger Brother Bibs, a PVC end cap, horizontal cross support end flanges, a gutter compression, a gutter end cap, bumper supports + a shot hand construction guide.

A detailed MTD guide with videos simplifies the learning experience and this may be all you need to get started in the MTD manufacturing business.




MTD Solar Collector Kit with MTD Construction Guide                                                                  $150




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