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Borrowing money could end a friendship. The  Pink Floyd song �Money� explains this dilemma best. Friends may provide support and understanding, and they may help you if you're honest, but if you have no intention of repaying a loan or a favor you can expect to lose your friend.. Don't cry poor; nobody loves you when you�re down and out, but there is nothing wrong with accepting a friend�s generosity and saying thank you. Remaining positive will help you move forward. Negative emotions can destroy opportunities to become successful. We are drawn into the things we think about. If we think we�ll fail we will fail.

Deligating responsibility is an important skill. Just because you can do everything yourself it does not mean that you should. Your time is valuable. If you can afford to pay someone for a service they will appreciate the work and you will save valuable time in the process. 

Achieving Perfection is overrated. Know when to stop writing or stop painting. Quality workmanship may help you gain recognition in your field, but over thinking a problem or over working a project can be counterproductive. Unreasonable customers will never be satisfied with your work so don't bend over backwards trying to please them. The old saying that the customer is always right is not always true. Don�t tell them I told you this but sometimes it's best to cut your losses and move on.

Building success on success is an important concept. New businesses often fail because entrepreneurs invest too much capital in products or services they know little about. Start small but think big. This is the advice I give people experimenting with green energy systems. Bigger is better when it comes to solar applications, but it�s better to find success in a small system, before making a large investment in something that may fail before paying for itself. 

Researching a market while a business is still small can avoid future problems. Find out what people want and what they are willing to pay before investing in a truckload of products that no one wants. Large investments should only be done after the market research information is evaluated. Your customers will tell you what you want if you listen to them. Remember people who stick their necks out too far often loose their heads.

Deciding what to do may take time. Sometimes we allow our emotions to make snap decisions to avoid the pain of inductiveness, but sometimes it�s best to �sleep on it.� Spend a little time outlining your problem before hitting the sack. Your subconscious makes up more than 90% of your brain. Listen to your subconscious. Sleep on it. 
Maintaining _your computer is essential. Defrag your files and back up your data on a regular basis. If you ignore maintenance problems until a crisis occurs it could be too late. It�s important to keep a record of sales and merchandise. Be aware of the trends and needs of your customers. 

Automating your emails can help enlarge your customer base and keep qualified customers informed about the latest services that you have to offer. Their are email marketing to choose from.

Living green markets offers numerous opportunities for new companies. Everything from eco friendly cleaning products, and organic foods to photovoltaic panels will become more important as the supply of oil runs low. Solar homes are now worth more than conventional poorly insulated houses and the opportunities for solar homebuilders and retrofit-carpenters is growing every day.

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