Alternatives for a Solar Age


When I think of energy alternatives a solar hot houses comes to mind. Although this may not be the only green solution to the energy crisis I believe it's a step in the right direction. Drilling our way out this recession will not lead to a sustainable future. Our dependence on non-renewable resources has led us down the dead end street. Gross National Products are no longer impressive measures of value when they stand alongside national debts and an overheated planet with diminished resources, contaminated water supplies and a population explosion. As Buckminster Fuller once said we have wondered far from the roots.

The Pied Piper is playing a happy tune. The rats have been led off the ship with the bale out, but the ship is heaver now, due to hedge funds, tax loopholes, special interest lobbies, bribes, kickbacks and other forms of corruption� so the ship is sinking under the weight of the national debt. Many corporate giants will go down with the ship in spite of desperate attempts to bale, but we don�t have to go down with them. Capitalism and competition have their place in the development of a civilized community, but unrestrained capitalism is the Pied Piper who solves one problem by creating another. We don�t have to make these same mistakes over and over and be lulled into complacency with the music of a charlatan.


When industries pollute the ground water under our feet and the air above our heads the quality of our environment suffers� Sooo how is it possible to keep government honest while keeping the wheels of civilization turning. The cigarette tax provides us with a clue about the implementation of valuable social and economic reforms. 


The cigarette tax has improved the quality of air. The alcohol tax has reduced DWI accidents and junk food taxes have improved the health care standards while lowering the health care premiums. All these taxes  improve the quality of life and I believe they are all in the best interests of responsible government. As a matter of fact I believe we need more taxes like this. Of course there will always be individuals and corporations opposed to changing the status quo, but it�s the job of government to make critical decisions and place traffic lights where they are necessary. The job of government is to govern. This is a sacred trust bestowed upon officials and as citizens of planet Earth we have the right and the duty to revoke our sacred trust if that trust is violated. 

An oil tax is something that most people would find repugnant. As a matter of fact the very idea of an oil tax is so distasteful that few politicians would even propose such an idea. Candidates believe that supporting an oil tax is synonymous to supporting political suicide, but this is our brave new manifest destiny. Sudden tax reforms could of course be catastrophic not only to political leaders, but also to our social and economic stability.  Soooo I am proposing a gradual oil tax escalation under responsible government leadership that replaces non-renewable energy resources with renewable resources. This method of responsible taxation has worked for cigarettes, alcohol and junk food and I believe it can also work to help curb our appetite for oil and lead us into a sustainable solar age of enlightenment. An alternative to this involves learning to become energy independent.

Many scientists now agree that all the polar icecaps will soon disappear. Without icecaps to keep the oceans cool methane trapped on the oceans floor will be released. When methane is released organisms die, and kill other organism in the process. It may now be too late to stop the process, but we still have an obligation to try. Here are a few green ideas that may help us develop a more sustainable economy.





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