Origin of Time


According to Douglas_Adams. The answer to the perplexing question of � life the universe and everything is 42, but the really big question is: What is the question? How does the Big Bang theory explain time?
The Bible explains it like this: "The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep and God said, �Let there be light�; and there was light, and he called the darkness night and the light he called day"� kind of like a Big Bang of creation? What is the Big-Bang-Theory? When did the Universe begin? Where will it end? How are we connected to the nature of an expanding universe

A long, long time ago, 13.7 billions years to be inexact, the universe was a very quite place because there was no time and space and mass to make noise. Modern string theory astrophysicist assert that matter had finite dimensions before the Big Bang decided to explode although these astrophysics agree density of matter in the beginning approached an infinite number. In a universe where matter can neither be created nor destroyed it makes sense that space and time and matter are measurable quantities. After all where would we be without a past present and future? What would we do without length, width and depth as well as gravity, density and energy? These are all quantities we use in the natural_world.

Is a universe possible outside the boundaries of perception?
Can a universe exist without space time energy and matter?
Without time as a measuring stick how can we imagine a universe? BUT wait! What might matter be like 13.7 billion years ago before there was time. When we think of a universe without time it�s no longer inconceivable to ponder infinite density. After the Big Bang an expanding universe was created that astrophysics believe will expand forever in spite of the growing number of black holes. If this is true I see no reason to deny the plausibility of infinite density without space before there was time. Our imagination is only bounded by the nature of our environment and the framework of time in which we live. If we must have an answer to the origin of life and time and universe we might accept Douglas Adams discovery of 42 or we could look to our own sun for the answers to our daily energy problems.

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