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Save money, make money and go green with a sustainable solar heated green workshop. Going green is a trend that�s here to stay so if you�re tired of paying for heat that should be free and you�d like to become part of the green revolution a good place to start is with a green energy workshop. Sustainable living in a sustainable economy will only become a reality if we make it so. We can no longer depend on supermarket chains, large corporations and the government agencies to supply us with jobs, food and all the necessities of life. As individuals we need to take responsibilities for our own lives and make a better connection with the sun. We may not now have the property or means to build an income producing green energy workshop, but we can at least start to experiment with some innovative ideas, learn the basics, put a dent in our heating bill and start planning for a solar heated workshop or perhaps an energy independent home.



I�ve been fascinated with the possibilities of with solar applications since my first year in high school so I eventually I became a certified secondary education science teacher. 
Unfortunately after teaching high school science for five years, I soon discovered that working with unmotivated kids was not fulfilling so I became a home improvement contractor and built solar greenhouses and installed a number of solar hot water heating systems. I was the founder of the Adirondack Solar Association in 1980 in Plattsburgh NY as well as the instigator of the Yahoo Solar Heating Group in 2001. I ran solar heating workshops at Clinton Community College, as well as the Solar Energy Center at SUNY, Farmingdale. I also had the opportunity to give a talk about energy independent housing to the science faculty at Columbia University. I am the author of �How to Build a Solar Hot Hot Water System�, �Energy Independent Housing�, �Do It Yourself Solar� and �MTD Solar Heating� I sell MTD collector kits as well as a variety of differential controller.  It is my sincere wish that the human race soon make the transition from this big business, international, oil based, energy dependent society to a small business, local sun based energy independent culture. I still have faith in the human spirit and I would like to help everyone make a better connection with the sun... 
My greatest joy comes from helping people gain control of their lives and by making a practical connection with the sun.



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