$un Money from a Solar Workshop   


Sunlight can be made into $un Money with the help of a solar heated workshop. A homestead lifestyle may not be right for everyone, but it may be right for you if you have the carpentry skills and determination needed to become self sufficient. Are you tired of searching for GREEN WORK and GREEN MONEY from a GREEN JOB.  Maybe you're looking in the wrong places. Maybe you're still hoping some big businessman will take you under his wing or maybe you're just looking in the wrong direction. Social transformation takes place slowly. Don't wait for Oboma to find a job for you . You may not get rich overnight or you may never get rich but if you have the right property or the means to obtain the right property you'll also have the means to become energy independent for a modest investment in a reliable resource, like sunlight.

Do It yourself solar workshops provide the environment needed for a sustainable income from renewable energy. A Self sustainable lifestyle is not only possible but it's also practical with a little help from Mr. Sunshine. Five acres on the south slope of a hill may be all  you need to make a brake from the civilized rat race,  but what if you can't  find suitable priced south facing real estate? Not to worry, a stretch of flatland surrounded with trees could also work if you do some clearing. I'm not saying that building a 16'x40' solar workshop will be easy. BUT with a little determination you could have you're very own green energy workshop and a sustainable income to boot.  

OK let's say I build the workshop and let's say I have an ample supply of heat and light and some PV power to boot. How do I earn income?

Well if you've done all this I'm not worried about you, but it could take awhile to connect with your markets. You'll probably have a substantial organic garden, but selling produce is not very lucrative on a small scale.

DRYING FRUIT & VEGETABLES: The ample heat from 16 drums of solar heated water will be more than sufficient to open a fruit drying business..

DRYING PAINT: A heated environment facilitated the paint drying process.

CURING CEMENT: Heat cures cement products fast. It's a good thing to know if you decide to crank out masonry products

DRYING WOOD: You may not open a saw mill, but if you're into woodworking projects heat will be helpful when dealing with raw lumber.

HEAT: Let's not forget about staying warm at night when there's snow on the ground.

DHW: Saving money on the expenses of Domestic How Water will bring you that much closer to energy independence.

GERMINATING PLANTS; Early plant germination means more produce and an early harvest.  

OTHER USES FOR HEAT: If you can appreciate some of these heat applications and I'm sure you can expand upon this list. If you're stumped and can't imagine other uses for all this heat  you could always crank out 12 foot long MTD collectors all year long and maybe even go into the business of building solar heated workshops.

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